Emergency Boiler Service

With NYC winters being harsh at times, having a heating system at its prime is key to comfort. At the first sign that your boiler is malfunctioning, call the team at Heating Solutions! We offer round-the-clock emergency boiler services to business owners in New York City.

Reasons You Might Need Emergency Boiler Services

Most property owners think the chance of their heating equipment acting up during the cold winter months is pretty slim — until it happens. But with time, every boiler is susceptible to deterioration, and that leads to damage. 

Here are some of the many reasons you may need to call our boiler service technicians for an emergency repair:

  • Over time, water minerals can build up inside a boiler’s heat exchanger, leading up to clogs. The clogs restrict the flow of water to the heat exchanger, causing distracting sounds called kettling. Kettling is one problem you may need emergency boiler repair services.
  • A defective thermostat compromises a boiler’s energy efficiency and can cause uneven heating in a building. If you or your tenants notice this, call our boiler repair company to avoid further boiler damage or costly bills.
  • Some customers experience turning their boiler on, only for it to power down moments later. In that scenario, chances are it’s overheating. In this case, calling in for an emergency repair service is the best thing to do.

Why Hire a Professional Emergency Boiler Repair Company?

It may be a daunting task to call for emergency repairs for your boiler unit. Will the repair company get it right? Will it be expensive? What will they be doing?

Our professional boiler technicians are well trained and equipped to handle all boiler emergencies and resolve them quickly. Our repair services begin with boiler inspections to identify the problem. Then the technician will tell you the reason for the boiler malfunction, describe any required repairs, and give you a quote for boiler repair.

We offer many services, including repairing leaks, thermostats, or circulator pump repairs, and we fix any water pressure and noise complications. Some of the benefits of emergency boiler repair services include:

  • Ensures everyone is safe by avoiding problems that may spark fires or gas leaks
  • Keeps the boiler working at optimal and energy-efficient conditions
  • Ensures that warmth is never compromised and keeps people safe from cold-related illnesses
  • Protect those in the building who have a medical condition that is exacerbated by cold weather

At Heating Solutions, we offer a wide range of emergency boiler services for owners of commercial properties, and we come quickly when you need us most. We can also recommend regular maintenance that can provide you with peace of mind and help avoid future emergency boiler repairs! Don’t hesitate to contact us when you experience boiler malfunctions or damages.